“It has always been wonderful to have a Dental group that is there when you need them. I have been a patient for a long time. The change of staff in the resent months has proved to be as nice a group of Doctors and staff as the former Doctors and Staff over the years I have been a patient. I am looking forward to the new office and new procedure that Pier 210 will offer. My resent visit was very good. Dr Marr was as good as Dr Weiss. As well as the assistants. It was nice service from the time I came until the time I left.”

“I had extensive work done by Dr. Roholt over a 10 month period. Within this reconstruction work, I had 5 implants done. I was so glad that dentistry had progressed this far to keep me from having to resort to dentures. This is my second reconstruction stint; the first being in the late 1960’s. I’m sure with the care and expertise Dr. Roholt exhibits, this round will last just as long. “

“I have never had a bad experience at Pier 210. If all doctors and dental offices was as proficient as this one there would never be any problems. Love the staff, the techs, the dentist. Keep up the great work, no complaints at all. “

“The pinhole surgical technique was a quicker procedure than I anticipated. There was almost no pain after the first day. It looked great after only a couple days. At one week, my gums looked super, and I'm really happy that I had this done!”

“Pier 210 Dental Group is welcoming, professional and worth your patronage. Dr Marr and entire staff have made my 77 year old mother's dental experience uniquely caring and conducive for optimum dental health. Thank you. You're the best of the bunch.”

"I have been served by Pier 210 Dental Group for two decades. I have always been a satisfied customer. Over the last couple of years, the Group has evolved significantly both technologically and operationally to become a service provider that now consistently exceeds my expectations. Key to me is that Pier 210 appears to me to have become a very modern and vibrant organization - one I not only trust my smile to, but one that I look forward to visiting periodically rather than reluctantly doing so."

“I love my two new front teeth! Feels like Christmas! :) Thanks Dr. Diederichs!”

“My first visit to Dr. Marr and Shanna. It was a long appointment... They were both awesome!! Thank you.”

“Pier 210 is the perfect office to go to whether you are young, old, picky or scared to death of dentists (like i used to be before Dr Marr) They fill up fast and are very busy, so don't put off making that appt. Make it now so you can get in within the next few weeks. THey can even put you on a cancellation list and get you in earlier if someone cancels their already scheduled appt. Call them today and tell them Todd sent you!! “

“At 60 years old I thought I was being a bit silly to be considering braces – however I never really liked the look of my bottom teeth and so I consulted with Dr. Roholt. He and his staff did an amazing job – my teeth look as I had always wanted them to. My first look after Dr. Roholt took my braces off honestly brought tears to my eyes. I love how my teeth look and was unbelievably pleased, especially considering the perfect result took only 3 months! Thank you Dr. Roholt and Shanna so much. I appreciate all that you and your staff have done for me!”

“I never thought I would be able to smile again. I am so happy with my new partial, I love it. Thank you Dr. Marr, you are the greatest!”

“I had receding gums and exposed tooth structure. My teeth were very sensitive because of this, and very uncomfortable. Dr. Roholt took great care of me. He put fillings in to make them look better. I didn't have to get numb, we did 5 teeth in one appointment, and it was painless. The appointment was short. I give Dr. Roholt and team an A+!”

“With my fear and anxiety regarding dentists, I was apprehensive to make an appointment. After the first 10 minutes at Pier 210 I felt as ease and comfortable. I'm actually looking forward to returning and having a great, healthy smile!”

“Mike is awesome! He is very kind, gentle and patient. I have never experienced any pain or discomfort during treatments which is really something!”

“I'm so thankful to have found this dental group! Dr Roholt has gone to great lengths to accommodate my specific dental needs and explained my options thoroughly. I've just recently moved to CA and with my current dental problems I was very scared to begin looking for a dentist... You all have just been wonderful and an answer to my prayers!! The staff are always very friendly and I appreciate that very much.”

“Dr. Roholt is very gentle, patient, and loves to share his knowledge and how the procedures are done. All you have to do is ask. Set up a signal for when your mouth is full, because he gets so engrossed in his work, he forgets to tell you what is happening. And believe me, it’s fascinating.”

“Kudos to you for welcoming ROP students - that is wonderful.”

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